Cucina mediterranea Milano
tel: 0289503255
cell: 3939446986


D Gr.5 cl.50 €5,00 Löwenbräu large draught

D Gr.5 cl.20 €3,00 Löwenbräu small draught

D Gr.7 cl.33 €5,00 Chimay

DK Gr.7,7 cl.33 €5,00 Ceres

IRL Gr. 5,6 cl. 33 €5,00 Mc Farland

GB Gr.5 cl.33 €4,00 Beck’s

B Gr.7,8 cl.33 €5,00 Leffe Couvèe

ND analc. cl.33 €5,00 Buckler

D Gr.5 cl.33 €5,00 Dab original

MEX Gr.4,6 cl.33 €5,00 Corona

Microbirrificio Amiata Toscana (GR)

I Gr.4,5 cl.75 €14,00 Comum Ale

Fresh and tasty ale with delicate herbal notes, with a final dry particularly refreshing. Handicraft beer.

I Gr.6,5 cl.75 €15,00 Contessa

English style with American hops and yeast, citrus aroma, excellent taste. Handicraft beer.

Birrificio Grigné - Abruzzo (TE)

I Gr.4,5 cl.75 €15,00 Donna Elena

The malt flavor dominates, while still leaving room for notes of hops. Blonde handicrafted beer.

I Gr.5,5 cl.75 €15,00 Don Peppe

Slightly amber and spice aromas, with a final herbaceous notes. Handicraft beer.

Birrificio Texelse Bierbrouwerij

NL Gr.8,5 cl.75 €15,00 Tripel

handicraft blonde abbey beer, toasted and full-bodied.

NL Gr.7,5 cl.75 €15,00 Bock


€5,00 Aperitive

House aperitive – Crodino – Campari soda -San Bitter – Martini


€2,00 Soft drinks, fruit juices

LT 1 €3,00 Mineral water

LT 0,5 €2,00 Mineral water


€1,70 Coffee

€2,00 Caffè marocchino

€2,00 Decaffeinated coffee

€2,00 Barley coffee

€2,50 Cappuccino

€2,50 Infusions